St. Vrain's Fort Pictures
Monument erected at the Fort by the Daughters of the American Revolution...
This is the marker located at the fort site.  It says: 

Fort St. Vrain
Built about 1837 
By Col. Ceran St. Vrain
Gen. Fremont re-organized his historic exploring expedition here July 23, 1848.  
This Fort was also visited by Francis Parkman and Kit Carson ------ 
Erected by 
Centennial State Chapter Daughters of the 
American Revolution  
Today, the area is used for farming...
Another shot of the monument looking to the east.  The land around the old fort site is farmland for miles, in just about any direction.  The Platte River is several hundred yards behind you in this picture.
Fort Vasquez, just south of Platteville...
This is Fort Vasquez near Platteville.  This fort was built before Fort St. Vrain and has been partially reconstructed -- smaller than the original but in the likeness of the original.  It is located just south of Platteville right on Highway 85.
Wildcat hill was a prominent landmark...
Looking south, southwest from the fort site and across the Platte river, Wildcat Hill is visible through the trees.  Although Wildcat is a very small hill, it was used as a landmark for locating the fort, especially from the east, in the early days.
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An archaeological dig took place at the fort site in 1967...
Power plant in the distance...
A badly weathered sign, near the monument, tells of an archaeological dig done in 1967 as a join effort between the Colorado Historical Society, Otero Junior College in La Junta and Public Service Company of Colorado.  Here my wife, Cindy, is standing next to the monument.
Looking to the south-southwest, the Fort St. Vrain electrical generating station can be scene in the distance.  
This log building was built by Andrew Lumry in about 1860 near old Fort St. Vrain.  It was used as a post office and was later the first courthouse in Weld County.  It was moved to Fort Vasquez in the 1930s and later to Greeley.  It may be seen today at the Centennial Village Museum in Greeley.  It is the oldest man-made structure existing in Weld County. Yours truely standing in front!
Oldest surviving building in Weld County was built at Fort St. Vrain!
This photo was taken from the top of Wildcat Hill looking south and a little east.  The old historical fort site would be in the trees in the middle left of the photo.  The present day power plant named after Fort St. Vrain is in the center background.  The Platte River, here a few hundred yards north of the junction with St. Vrain Creek, is visible in the center right and is flowing from right to left (northeast).  The mushroom shaped object in the center forground is a sandstone rock outcropping.
This painting is from the Fort St. Vrain power station's visitors center (no longer open), it was painted by Francis C. Hunt in the 1950's.  A note attached to the back of the painting reads:  "Fort St. Vrain -- No longer standing.  Several markers have been placed on the orginal site, all of which have been destroyed by weather and vandals.  This painting developed from a 2x3 skeleton ink sketch furnished to the artist, Frances C. Hunt, by the Colorado State Historical Society, after thorough research to determine authenticity of the building and surroundings, and history of the fort.  Painting approved by Staff of the Colorado State Historical Society upon completion, Agnes Wright Spring was State Historian at that time."  The note is signed by Frances C. Hunt
Christine St. Vrain Howard and daughter, Christa, visit the fort monument on June 16, 2001.  Christine is the gr-gr-gr-grandaughter of Marcellin St. Vrain and Red or Rel.
Christine St. Vrain Howard with artwork of Marcellin St. Vrain.  This artwork, donated by Public Service Company of Colorado ( now Xcel Energy) from the visitors center at the Fort St. Vrain Power Station, now resides in the Platteville Historical Museum.  Christine is also holding the May 16, 2001 document adding the Fort St. Vrain site to the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties.
Christine St. Vrain Howard holds the painting entitled "Payday at Fort St. Vrain".  This painting, also donated to the Platteville Historical Museum by Public Service Co. depicts Mountain Man, Sol Silver and his squaw.  Sol was known to have worked with the horses at the fort and his squaw was known as the best dressed.  
Fort St. Vrain Monument Rededicated
September 15, 2001

The monument and site were rededicated on September 15, 2001 by the Platteville Historical Society.  The event recognized and celebrated the recent addition of the Fort St. Vrain site to the Colorado Register of Historical Properties.  The contributions of the Daughters of the American Revolution were also recognized.
The event was attended by 37 local historians, residents and officials.  Here Ruth Garza, past president of the Platteville Historical Society and Diane Brotemarkle, current president, speak to the crowd.
Mr. Frank Stewart, local historian, spoke about the contributions of the Daughters of the American Revolution and their contributions here at Fort St. Vrain and elsewhere.
Diane Brotemarkle and Ruth Garza.  Diane has recently published a book about Fort St. Vrain which is available from the Platteville Historical Museum.
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